Thursday, 26 June 2014

Double Takes at the Festival of Quilts

Nick Loven Film maker
I was looking through last years Festival of Quilts photos. We'd asked Nick Loven, our film maker and photographer to come and take some photos of our stand. He took lots of great photos of people trying the Juki sewing machines on our New English Quilter frames. It was a great year! There were thousands of quilters everywhere.  Camera-men are people watchers and this is what he noticed.

Too cute!

The 2014 Festival of Quilts is early   
Thursday 7th August until Sunday 10th August
We'll be with the JUKI dealers under
The Franklins Group A36/B36 

You'll be able to see Juki sewing machines, New English Quilter frames and Superior Threads all in one place. See you there!