Saturday, 14 March 2009

Bag Job

Here's a present I've just made for my Mom. In England next Sunday is Mother's Day and last Sunday it was my mom's birthday so I wanted to do something special to celebrate.
This simple bag was made from a scrap of pieced and quilted fabric. You may recognise the Fibonacci Sequence in the strip piecing. It was then quilted on the New English Quilting frame with a variety of Superior Threads using a Ripple Stipple free-motion quilting pattern. Click on any of the images and you'll get a good close up view of the ripple stipple pattern.
I didn't use any batting or wadding, just the pieced top and a backing fabric. I was curious to see how this would work and I'd intended to use it for a table runner. But when I found it last week I thought it would be just perfect for the bag.

The bag was made without a pattern. I got the idea from googling 'homemade bags' on the web. But once I got the main idea of how to put the thing together, I just made the bag in a size that seemed right to me. The lining was slightly smaller so it would fit nicely inside. It only took a couple of hours one quiet afternoon this week. I think my mom will love it.


Angie said...

Happy Mothers Day! Such pretty fabrics! Your Mom will love it. Your pictures are so beautiful too!

Trudi said...

Its wonderful Martha, love the colours with the hiacinths, I'm sure your mum will love it. :o)