Thursday, 19 March 2009

Shamrocks and Scallops

Here's me playing around with Rainbows this morning drawing some shamrocks. Unfortunately it was a dull day, no sunshine to bring out the sparkle. I'll try again tomorrow.

And here is a photo of my friend Judith's first quilting project. She pieced some monkey wrench blocks in blue and white to make a table runner. Then she went on to free-motion machine quilt it on the frame. Not bad for her first 10 ten days quilting! She used So Fine on top and a pre-wound Bottom Line in the bobbin with a Topstitch 100/16 needle. She used a JUKI on a New English Quilting frame.

The photo above shows the whole table runner and below is a quilting detail. Judith used scalloping to outline the central figures in the block . Larger scallops almost like garlands went round the outside border. Judith even had a go at stippling in the pale white areas. A fantastic first effort! I can't wait to see what she comes up with in a few months time.

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