Saturday, 31 March 2018

Pussy Willow

Every Easter Saturday
we make an Easter tree. We get some branches and wedge them in a pot with rocks and place it on the table by the window in our music room. Then we get our collection of Easter eggs and hang them on the tree.

It takes a while to find the right sort of branches. Some years we've used blossom, which is so pretty but it doesn't last long. This year we found some pussy willow across the street and down the lane where we walk our dog. It was perfect and it lasted for ages.

Like the Christmas tree, the Easter tree is a German custom transported to the melting pot which is America by the Dutch settlers and then to our Lincolnshire farmhouse by me. I'm grateful for the way the customs from all over the world can enrich our lives. 

I've been collecting Easter craft ideas on my pinterest board. 

All during the year I find neat customs and craft ideas. The pinterest board keeps them in a place where I can find them when the right time comes. It works great as a place to keep track of  quilty ideas too!

Better than chocolate Superior Threads Easter baskets for Quilters
 Superior Threads make great Spring presents for quilters. Such pretty colours and no calories!And while it's still so cold and wet outside, I'll keep happy stitching with pretty spring fabrics and threads.
Happy Easter! Hopefully Spring is coming soon!