Friday, 13 March 2009

Fibonacci ~ Fab Fabrics

We all have colours that make us go weak in the knees. These are mine. I needed a couple of tries to get the colour right - it just wasn't sunny enough here yesterday and my first photos came out all muddy. But this shot captures the colours. Here are all the strips cut in widths according to the Fibonacci Sequence with the added seam allowance making them 1 1/2, 2 1/2, 3 1/2 and 5 1/2. They're hung across the back of a chair and catching the rare burst of sunlight!
These pieces are for a sister quilt. The quilt on the frame below was created last summer for Emily. Now Rosie is sharing the room and needs a matching quilt. So these fabrics are for her. Emily's colour ways ran from turquoise to blue to purple. Rosie likes pink so her quilt will run from blue to purple to pink.

Here's Emily's quilt on the frame. I've backed it in fleece. The quilting pattern is a personal favourite that I call 'the Ripple Stipple'. This free-motion line design is a very directional pattern. I think that this makes it much easier than an ordinary stipple where you are moving in all directions. With this pattern you are mainly moving in one direction; right or left, with a few curves that bend back on yourself and then carry on in the same direction. I think it looks like sunlight on water.

Here's a detail of the quilting. I've used lots of different threads for the quilting, metallics for sparkle, variegated light reflecting Rainbows in watery colours and the bolder matt lines that King Tut makes. I've used some LAVA and So Fine as well.

Here's a selection of the threads, on the left are some gorgeous 2,000 yd cones of King Tut and a couple of Superior Metallics are on the right. Click on the image and you can see them better. I use Bottom Line pre-wounds in the bobbin and a Topstitch 16/100 needle. I think the threads are just as fab as the fabrics!

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