Monday, 13 April 2009

Easter Monday

This is our inside Easter tree. We've had fun collecting and making the eggs over the years. Our favourites are the one's we've made. There are 20 years of memories on this tree! But the oldest eggs go back even further.

Anyone recognise the 1970's vintage fabric on these eggs? The fabrics are from the first quilt I ever made. I made the eggs for Christmas tree decorations over 30 years ago, but I use them for Easter too. These are real eggs blown and covered with fabric using watered-down Elmer's glue. I can't believe they've lasted so long.

Vanessa from V and Co. has made another super tutorial for making something similar with more up-to-date materials. Here's the link:

All you'd need to add is a loop of thread so you could hang them. I sewed the loop when the eggs were still wet. Once the glue hardened it held nice and firm...for 30 years! It's a fun way to show case your favourite fabrics.

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