Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Mother's Day

This photo shows my kids nine years ago. Peter, the baby, is just about 4 months old. Ellie with the hat and no hair is nearly 2, Rosie in pink is 4, Emily, holding Peter and her twin Ben are 8 and Katie, the red head in the middle is 10. Thinking back, that was such a busy time.
My friend Eileen came over for a visit that summer. Eileen has a gift for helping people to get vision for what they want to do in their lives. Often we get so used to just doing the next thing that we loose sight of what our real dreams and hopes are. Eileen asked me what I would want to do if money and time were not an issue. I said, "Make a quilt for everyone that I love!" But the way life was, I never thought it would happen.
A couple years later my mom sent me a machine quilting frame. This didn't change the amount of time I had left over for quilting but it did mean that I could make the most of it. And within a few years I really did finish lots of quilts. Not yet for EVERYONE I love, but at least I've made a good start.

So Happy Mother's Day to my mom in America and mothers everywhere. I'm so glad to have lovely little people to quilt for and I'm grateful for my mother too!


Tracey said...

Wow - I only have 4 children but they have kept me soo busy that I lost sight of what I wanted long ago now ... so long ago in fact I cant remember what it was I wanted! LOL! I do have a plan like you though to make a quilt for all my loved ones. I think I am close to achieving it then I think of someone else to add to the list! Another plan is to have a bed quilt for each season - maybe one day!

Martha said...

When my kids grow up, maybe I'll learn to make feathers like you! Your quilting is gorgeous!