Thursday, 28 January 2010

A Gift Day

I was supposed to be taking one of the kids to a doctor's appointment but a last minute cancellation gave me an unexpected free day. In my experience, expected free days are never really free because we fill them up ahead of time. But an unexpected free day is a gift! I usually fit my quilting in between other things but today I had 4 uninterrupted hours. So I was able to load the quilt on the frame, complete the machine quilting and blog about it, all in the same day.
I like to practice the line designs on a roll of paper before I start the machine quilting.
I went with the white thread in the end. I was very tempted by the shimmery red. But I decided to go for a more subtle look, especially as I was trying out a new line design. I'm pleased with how it turned out. The So Fine! is such a trouble free thread to free-motion with. Now I just need to do the binding and I'll be all ready for the birthday party.


Nedra said...

The cherry design on your quilt is perfect for the fun fabrics.
And hasn't this year gone by fast since you were here at The School of Threadology? You should see the new building and all the longarms that are arriving.

Martha said...

Thanks Nedra. The year has flown by. I've so enjoyed watching the progress of the Threadology School on the blog. Well done! Can't wait to come again.

Nisah Shah said...

Hi Martha,

Hi there,

I've just luv your quilter frame..but i do have a few question.

Which model of quilter sewing machine suit your quilter frame? Any recommendation?
And do you ship international to Singapore? If yes ,can you pls quote me the price + shipping.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you.

Best Regards;
Nisah Shah

Martha said...

Hi Nisah, I use the JUKI TL98-P. It works great on the NEQ frame.If you scroll back through the older posts to Nov 25 2009 - you can read more about the JUKI on my 'Deep AND Wide' post. We can chat more by email.