Saturday, 6 November 2010

Houston Highlights

We're back. The Houston Quilt Show was fantastic!! We timed the visit so we could catch the end of the trade show - Quilt Market and the beginning of the public show - Quilt Festival. This was our first visit and it certainly lived up to our expectations! Here's a view of the Houston skyline taken from our hotel window. We arrived on Saturday, and caught the last two days of Quilt Market. Quilt Market is the trade show and a fantastic opportunity to see all the new fabric and gadgets and sewing machines and mid to long arm frames. We also got to meet many of the bloggers and designers that I follow online. And then there were all the amazing quilts in the exhibition. Truly inspiring! Here's Rachelle Denney from South Australia, one of the winners.

Our first day visiting Quilt Market was Halloween. So most of the stalls offered sweets and many of the vendors dressed up. Here is Heather Purcell from Superior Threads - also known as 'Mother Superior'.
The show organizers offer awards for the best dressed stalls too. Amy Butler's gorgeous stall took first prize.
But so many of the stalls were simply stunning works of art in themselves. Designers were so creative in how they displayed their fabric. Here's Alexander Henry's stall. Many of the stalls created a retro feel this year by incorporating distressed furniture props like this ladder and plank shelving.

It was a real treat to wander around and see so many famous people, surrounded by the fabrics they design or the quilts they create. There was such a spirit of camaraderie! Everyone was willing to stop and talk shop. Here's a picture of Angela Walters who quilts for the designer Tula Pink. Angela was such a pleasure to meet. She noticed our name tags and told us how she loves using Superior Threads in her quilts. She always uses So Fine! on top. It's her favourtie machine quilting thread.
Quilt Market lasts until Monday afternoon. Then it's all change as the Trade Show comes down and the Festival sets up for the general public. We've lots more to post about! Watch this space, today is just a taste.

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What a great recap! Thanks for the nice picture and compliment!!!!