Saturday, 26 November 2011

"All my byself!"

When my daughter Ellie was very little she would say"All my byself!" to mean that she was delighted to accomplish something on her own, all by myself! My husband and I thought that her mixed up phrase was very sweet!

Even as we grow older (and older still!) that sense of personal satisfaction is deeply rewarding. There is a child-like sweetness that fills me when I accomplish a project. The English word for it is chuffed - a slang term meaning 'really pleased, proud or happy with yourself!' This is why I love machine quilting and also why I love teaching machine quilting. There is such a tremendous sense of accomplishment when something that you have imagined is now complete in your hands! And when someone else also completes a project, perhaps a quilt top that has lain dormant for months or years and is suddenly taken up and completed easily and quickly to what seemed earlier to be an unbelievably high standard. I would say Ellie is definitely chuffed!

This is one of the best features of our New English Quilter frames. Our frames help ordinary quilters to complete extra-ordinary quilts. Even beginning quilters can complete projects easily, quickly and to a high standard. We teach a no mark method of hand guided free-motion machine quilting, on a simple, affordable table top frame using a domestic sewing machine. Anyone willing to put into practice our simple instructions will be able to have the satisfaction of completing their own quilts. So much for waxing philosophical! Doing it yourself is also way less expensive!

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