Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Exceeding Expectations

I've been enjoying using this new JUKI Exceed 600 to do piecing. My seams are soooo straight and there is no puckering at all.When we were in Houston the new JUKI 2010 machines were so popular that we were selling the show demo models right off the frames. On the last day we were without a sewing machine so we decided to put the Exceed on the frame just for fun. I didn't expect it to perform very well on the frame. Boy was I surprised!!
The JUKI Exceed 600 just seemed to float over the top of the quilt. The stitching was amazing! I was surprised. It would be a dream to use for  free-motion quilting sitting at the sewing machine.I still prefer the JUKI TL98-P or the 2010 for machine quilting on a frame because of the longer arm. But for someone who wanted one machine to use on AND off the frame I can heartily recommend the Exceed 600.It definitely exceeded my expectations!

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Gertie Pye said...

I have been looking everywhere for JUKI reviews! I test drove one at Franklins and really liked it - I am fed up of my seams veering off at the end and the JUKI's box feed is meant to stop that. Are you happy with it overall? I think I may go for it but want to buy the additional presser feet at the same time so I need to do my homework!