Wednesday, 12 December 2012

New Members!

Cover shot of our Christmas mini-series

I wanted to post a big welcome to all our new members to the Line Dancing site. We're thrilled to have the site up and running and even more thrilled to have people joining and viewing the free stuff and classes. Now that the basic structure is in place, we'll be adding new classes and more free stuff every couple of weeks. We would really appreciate any feedback. We'll put it to good use as we tweak the site.

Thread painting detail of Episode 3
LineDancing is totally free to join. Once you join you'll be able to view free stuff and purchase individual classes. One of the best things about this site is that you get to see it right away. There's no waiting around for a DVD to arrive in the post! And there's no time limit either. When you purchase a class, it's available for you to watch as often and as long as you like. We'll be adding new content all the time.

Free-motion-quilting detail from Episode 2
Joining is very easy, just a name, email and password of your choice. Everyone is welcome! Hope to see you there.

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