Sunday, 3 February 2013

Way to Go Ravens!

Joe Flacco Super Bowl MVP
Yes, I'm from Baltimore. And the Baltimore Ravens did win the Super bowl!  So it's happy times for lots of my friends and family back home. My son Ben who lives and works in Lincoln came home to visit Sunday so he could collect his American football gear and watch the game in style. He must have had a great night. I went to bed and only found out in the morning. But I wanted to celebrate too. So I hung out the fleece!

And Played around with the Ravens' purple and gold colors on the 6 foot Art Quilter frame.

 This new colour from the brand new Fantastico range from Superior Threads would have been perfect. But all the cones of Fantastico were gleefully grabbed at the Machine Quilting Retreat last weekend. We tried Fantastico at the Retreat for the first time and we loved it! It's so new that there's only 20 colours available but I'll be re-stocking everything I can get!

Fantastico 5015 Purple and gold - perfect Raven colours

I'm going to make this into a post card for my brother-in-law Dan who is quite the Ravens fan!

using the JUKI TL98P on the 6 foot Art Quilter frame

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