Tuesday, 16 April 2013

OMNI Thread

The New Omni Thread range from Superior Threads £10.99 for a 6,000 yd cone
There's a new thread line from Superior Threads called OMNI. We got to try it for the first time at our April Retreat. We like it! OMNI is a Tex 30 (approximately 40 weight) poly-wrapped poly core thread. It's a basic strong no-nonsense thread designed to work well at high speeds. It's ideal for long arm quilting, dress making and it works great in the serger/overlocker too.

     Omni Features:
  • Available in 172 solid colours
  • Cleaner, brighter and stronger than other poly core threads
  • Designed for high speed machine quilting and sewing
  • Can be used on top and in the bobbin
  • Great price -  6,000 yd cone for £10.99
OMNI display booklet lets you see and feel the real thread

Omni is the cleaner, brighter, and stronger alternative to other poly-wrapped poly core threads. OMNI is designed for machine quilting, sewing and serging/overlocker use. The multi-filament polyester core gives OMNI superior strength. The wrapped spun poly allows this thread to 'grab' the fabric to create smooth, pucker-free seams. Seams that will lie flat throughout the garment giving a better fit in any dressmaking project.OMNI's strength makes it ideal for high speed long arm machines  and quilters will love the versatile172 colour range. OMNI is popular in the garment construction industry for the same reasons. OMNI works well in sergers/overlockers too. 

Real Thread display booklet sells for £9.99

We're introducing the OMNI range here in the UK this spring. A 6,000 yard cone sells for £10.99. That's a lot of thread for your money! The real thread display booklet is an ideal way to show thread options to your long arm customers. We pass these real thread display booklets on to you at our cost for £9.99. Seeing the real thread helps you make the best choices when matching threads to your projects.

Available only from Machine Quilter. 
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