Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Workshop for Two

Mike, Liz and little Rosie
Michael and Liz came to visit for a workshop today. They bought an 8 foot NEQ2 frame and the JUKI TL98P and Nifty Grips to go with it last summer at the Festival of Quilts. Michael and Liz came for a free demo when they collected their order. It was a good option as they saved on the shipping cost and got a free tutorial. Now they were ready for a bit more tuition so we arranged a workshop. 

Mike and Liz are a husband & wife quilting team. Liz likes to do the piecing.  Michael is keen on the quilting and likes using pantographs.We had a good session which focused on the 'Mussell Shell' over-all pattern and then we added scallops. We worked the designs on paper and then on the frame. Liz enjoyed the quilting too! It was good to see both of them grow in confidence.  Michael is a keen photographer so I look forward to seeing photos of their next projects.

Rosie, enjoyed playing in the garden
We had a lovely day and while Liz and Michael were buy quilting, Rosie enjoyed playing in the garden.

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