Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Machine Quilter Retreat

Jackie holding Sally and Peter's giant log cabin quilt top
 The Petwood Hotel is beautifully situated and full of old world charm. The food is fabulous too. But what makes our Retreats so special is the people. We think that great things happen when a few people gather together around a machine quilting frame. 

Ann, Emma, Brenda, Carol, Maggie and Martha around the NEQ 6 foot frame
 Small is beautiful!  So we limit the numbers to 7 or 8 participants and we have at least 2 teachers.

Sally, Jackie, Maggie, Carol and Brenda with Jackie's quilt
It makes for a friendly atmosphere so it's easy to get to know each other and share ideas.

Peter and Martha chuckling over the 8 foot NEQ frame
There's lots of time one to one interaction as we doodle designs. We go from pen and paper to thread and fabric, gaining confidence on familiar designs and learning lots of new ones.

Sally, Maggie, Carol, Brenda and Martha with Sally's quilt
One of my favourite sessions is when we audition various threads on the unfinished quilt tops that people bring. I make sure that there's a good selection of Machine Quilting threads for people to choose. It's so inspiring to see all the gorgeous quilts as we explore machine quilting options.

Ann and Emma looking at the ripple stipple design on Jackie's quilt
This such a good mix of people.We had so much fun! We're already planning a reunion!


Stephanie Pettengell said...

Looks as if you all had a great time and some brilliant work there to see as well.

Martha said...

Jackie was brilliant! and we did have a really great group of participants. Now we're gearing up for March.

Roma said...

Martha, I love the quilt with the tri-angles. Do you know where the lady got the pattern? I would love to make one for me..
I so enjoy your blog. Such fun things!

Martha said...

Isn't it a beauty! That's Jackie's quilt. It's such a good example of how to mix machine and hand quilting for a striking visual effect. email me and I'll give you Jackie's contact info. Thanks for commenting, Roma :)

Roma said...

Martha I have tried to send you a email with my info and they come back saying not accepted..
my email addy is;

I hope to hear from you..

docwhitfordcdn said...

Martha Your email says the inbox is full. I have not been able to get an email through to you for a couple months!
Hope to hear from you soon. Sandi from Canada -