Tuesday, 11 March 2014

March Petwood Retreat

Jackie, Cathy and Diane looking at Juliet's quilt top
One of my favourite parts of our Machine Quilting Retreats are the afternoon sessions when we audition threads on the various quilt tops that the participants bring. It is inspiring for everyone to see the quilts.  It's fun to try out lots of different threads and to collaborate about how to quilt it .

Juliet with her Kaffe quilt
As you can see from the photos below
everyone learns from everyone else!
Cathy watching Jackie doodle a new design
Diane considering which thread and pattern to use
Cathy showing Juliet just how she arranged the blocks
Joy mastered a new line design!
Juliet making butterflies
a 'peicing detail' on Juliet's granddaughter's quilt
We all fell in love with this pieced pattern. I want to do a version where I add machine quilted details on the faces and clothes.

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