Saturday, 10 May 2014

Assembling the Fabric Poles

The fabric poles on our larger 8 and 10 foot 7 inch frames need to be assembled. The poles are too long to ship as they are. But don't worry! We made it easy. Our fabric poles come with the leader fabric already riveted. It's a great feature and we didn't want to give it up. Our challenge was to keep the leader fabric in one piece but have the poles in two! This is how we solved the problem.

First unwrap the leader fabric from around the pole.
You'll need a screw driver 
and the screws that come with the frame.

There's a screw that moves in the slot above.

Push the screw and this inside bit of tubing comes out. 
It works like a tent pole or an extendible curtain rod.

Put the 2 ends of the pole together

Slide the screw over

Push it all the way to the other side

Put in the screws.

Screw in the screws

Finally put some masking tape over the gap 
and you're finished the first pole. 
Do it twice more and you're good to go!

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