Monday, 21 July 2014

Treasure Hunt

JUKI/ New English Quilter Stand at the 2013 Festival of Quilts
Finding the JUKI/New English Quilter stand at the Festival of Quilts is like looking for buried treasure! The new online guide to the Festival of Quilts is going to make it easier to find us.  There are lots of fun links to Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and Blogger.

Franklins have sewing machine shops throughout the UK
We're listed under FRANKLINS Group Limited. Franklins are the UK Distributors for JUKI sewing machines. We at Machine Quilter have been sharing a stand at the Festival of Quilts ever since 2005 when we fell in love with the JUKI TL98 P sewing machine. 

Martha Milne with her JUKI TL98P on the New English Quilter
We're just where we were last year Stand A46  B36-38, just past the exhibition quilts on the right as you're walking to the back of the Hall. See you at the Festival!

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