Tuesday, 4 November 2014


King Tut 100% extra-long-staple Egyptian cotton from Superior Threads
We're having a Really BIG sale on our in-stock 2,000 yd King Tut cones. King Tut is one of Superior Threads most popular ranges. King Tut thread is 100% extra-long-staple really-grown-in-Egypt cotton designed for machine quilting.

King Tut 2,000 yd. cross-wound cones designed for machine quilting
Egypt is the perfect climate for growing cotton and produces the long fibers that make King Tut such a low lint thread. Egyptian cotton grown in other places just doesn't compare. That's why Egyptian cotton is so expensive and also why it's worth every penny.

King Tut is designed for long arm machine quilting. Gammills love it! And if it works great at long arm speeds it is going to be brilliant in ordinary domestic machines. 

#945 Cinnaberry and #912 St George King Tut cones 
King Tut creates a beautiful bold line in a matt finish. It comes in plain, tone on tone and variegated colours. The colour change is one-inch, which means that you'll never get blocks of colour or a stripy look that comes from the 6+ inch colour changes of other threads. It costs more to create a one inch colour change on our variegated threads but we think it's worth it!

#934 Nile Delta s shows off the one-inch colour change in King Tut variegated threads
Right now we have over 200 cones of King Tut in-stock!! It's the biggest selection this side of the Atlantic. But hurry, they're going fast!

King Tut 2,000 yard cross wound cones
perfect for machine quilting 
usually £18.95
on sale while stocks last at £15.95
All the in-stock sale cones are marked sale in green.
Savour the season with King Tut
Nature's finest thread!

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