Thursday, 19 March 2015

Free Workshop with Collection

Jacqui packing up her new 10 foot NEQ frame, table and Juki TL98P Nifty Grips
We offer a FREE 2+ hour workshop for customers who choose to come and collect their New English Quilter frames. Earlier this month, Jacqui came to collect her 10 foot New English Quilter frame, customised table and Nifty Grip speed control handles. Everything she needed to get the advantages of a long arm for a fraction of the cost.

Juki TL98P straight stitch sewing machine - great under arm space
Jacqui brought along her new JUKI TL98P straight stitch sewing machine so that we could help her to get it tensioned properly and run it through its paces on the NEQ quilting frame. 

We showed Jacqui how to oil it, change the foot and the needle and  how to get to the secret compartment for a really good clean.

Investing in the right sewing machine makes a huge difference to successful machine quilting on a frame. So is some personal help in getting everything tensioned properly and up and running smoothly.
Martha's machine quilting studio in Martin, Lincolnshire

every NEQ frame comes with a FREE Goodie bag
We had a play on a practice piece on the NEQ frame, showing how to move across the length of the frame and achieve a happy stitch length. We then took the frame apart and put it back together and showed how to extend the fabric poles and tracks. We showed how to load a 2 and 3 layer quilt sandwich on the frame.

Then Jacqui got to choose some threads for her FREE Goodie bag, which includes the ideal needles and threads, pre-wound bobbins, real thread cards and a New English Quilter Handbook CD - everything that Jacqui needs to get off to a good start.

We looked at lots of machine quilted projects that Jacqui would be inspired when she got home. After a snack and a drink we packed it all up in Jacqui's car and off she went excited to be starting a new adventure.

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