Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Long Arm Fun at the Festival

Emily Milne and George Franklin setting up the JUKI QVP 2200
 The Festival of Quilts 2015 was our best ever! We had a brilliant stand this year with lots of room for our new JUKI QVP2200 machines. Emily and George were the JUKI QVP2200 team. QVP stand for Quilt Virtuoso Pro. This is the 'papa bear' of quilting machines with an 18 X 10 inch throat that glides at 2200 stitches per minute.

Emily demonstrated all the really cool features and George kept it running smoothly. Here George is playing with this awesome software that enables the machine to copy designs hand drawn on the tablet.

For the gals lucky enough to have purchased one of these machines, George will come with the Juki QVP 2200 and get it set up and running smoothly for you too. One of the customers asked George how long he would stay? And George replied "I'll stay until you're happy." It doesn't get better than that! The Franklin's Group are the UK Juki distributors.  We believe that any machine is only as good as the service behind it. It's great to know that this amazing machine has amazing back up too.

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