Sunday, 30 August 2009


My favourite compliment of the show was from a husband of one of the quilters. He was an engineer and kept coming back to visit our stand asking lots of pertinent questions. By the end of the show, he'd become quite enamoured with the New English Quilter. He said that what he appreciated most about the frame was the simplicity. He quickly added that he didn't mean this as a put down but rather that it took a certain amount of engineering genius to achieve this sort of simplicity. We smiled and thanked him.

We love the simplicity too. There is a cleanness of line, pure and simple - no unnecessary bits added on. There is a reason and purpose for everything about the frame. And an intuitive logic that even transcends language barriers - very helpful at such an international show! Engineers can appreciate what goes into creating and implementing such a design but quilters are just happy to have a simple-to-use tool that lets them get on with the quilting.

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