Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Festival Feed Back

I love the Festival of Quilts! We set up a stand and people come to visit from all over the world. One of my favourite things is watching the reaction of people who are trying out the New English Quilter for the first time. People are so surprised at how freely the carriage moves and how quickly the frame comes apart and goes back together again.
Here are some of the comments that we wrote down this year:
Lovely. So smooth. Blimey! I didn't expect it to be this easy. Yes, you can quote me. It's so light, you can move it with a finger. Fantastic! It's absolutely beautiful. This is therapeutic. I could do this all day! I'm definitely having this! Amazing! This is nifty! I mean really nifty. I had no idea it would move like this! Ummm! Now I want one. I've worn out your DVD and now I'm getting one.
The machine practically floats! Superb! This is so simple. Look, I just wrote my name. Now, this IS manageable. I've come here just to try this. I want one. I'm very impressed. I love the feel of the wood. This is so simple. There's not much to go wrong with it. Really, you don't need to baste or tack? It's worth it just for that! I don't really like the quilting part but this IS fun.
Very clever. My friend has one. She loves it. I'm saving up. Wow! That was quick! This IS good! (high praise indeed - she was a long-armer dragged over by her friend!)It's so easy to make a lovely line of stitching. I've gone round and tried all this others - this one is the best!

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