Monday, 2 November 2009

Directionally Challenged

Well, I am. I think that perhaps its some sort of spatial dyslexia. I've always struggled with left and right. Something only made worse by spending the last 22 years in a country where they do most things the other way round. I also struggle with following written directions. I'm much better if I can actually see someone do it. Tutorials with photos on the web are fantastic for me. Anyway, because I struggle with directions I've gotten into the habit of learning by trial and error. I'm beginning with this disclaimer because I'm going to share the process of turning my pumpkin patch Texture Magic experiment into a trick or treat bag. And I wanted you to know that I'm just figuring it out as I go along.

I've begun with 2 fat quarters of orange batik backed with Texture Magic and free-motion machine quilted with a free flowing loops and pumpkin design. It looks really cool. But I want to turn it into something useful. So I've put them right sides together and sewed around 3 of the sides. Then I've done that trick in the bottom corners where you line up the seams to make a triangle and stitch a line across. Like this:

Then I did the same thing to the lining fabric, making it just a little bit smaller. I've added a strip of yellow fabric at the top to make an edging.

And here's how it turned out. Click on this final image for a great view of the bag. I had to wait til morning so the natural-light photo could bring out the color and the texture.


Nedra said...

Great job on the Texture Magic bag. I love the colors you used.
I can totally relate to the directionally challenged part. I too, learn at a much faster speed by seeing than reading. We are visual learners.

Jennifer said...

That's fantastic! I also can relate to your directionally challenged comment, as I made a clock last week and put the 3 and 9 in the wrong places! Whoops!!