Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Textile Artist

Look what happens when you turn a textile artist loose with a packet of Texture Magic. Last week I gave my friend a packet of Texture Magic so she could have a play with it. Bronwyn is a fashion designer turned textile teacher. She spent a couple of happy hours on Sunday afternoon and here is one of the pieces she came up with.

Click on the image to get a good close up look. You'll see that Bronwyn used a variety of fabrics; hand dyed cottons and netting, silk, organza and velvet. She wanted to find out how the various fabrics would respond to the shrinking process. Bronwyn also wanted to see how different stitching played out in various patterns and sizes. Note that the fabrics weren't even pieced just laid on top and next to each other. The result is stunning! And this is just the first piece. We'll look at some of the others in the next post.

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