Wednesday, 21 April 2010

The Big One

From time to time, we get requests to do custom jobs. This particular project was to create a table and frame for a Singer stretch sewing machine called the Homesteader. Sue imported the Homesteader from America and uses it with the PCQuilter. Sue needed a table and frame to accommodate her new set up.  She wanted the table and frame designed so it could be set up in a variety of sizes. She also needed it to be easy to set up and take down. Paul loves a challenge and he did it!

 In the top photo you see Paul showing Sue's husband how the table extends. The cut outs in the table keep it light enough to move around. The side photo shows the table extended to 10 feet. And in the final photo, Paul is showing how easily the frame attaches to the table. Sue is going to send us some photos of the set up in her home. We'll pass them on to you when she does.

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Trudi said...

I'm so pleased her visit went well, look forward to seeing piccies too :)