Thursday, 31 March 2011


A few weeks ago, Dario Belloli, the GM of JUKI Italia Spa, invited us to go to a Patchwork & Quilting Event in northern Italy! The International Forum of Textile Creativity will feature embroidery, lace, patchwork, quilting, felt, cross stitch, weaving, crochet and knitting. The patchwork & quilting theme will be Herbaruim - a systematically arranged collection of plants. While the embroiderers and lace makers competition centres around flags. We'll be demonstrating our new Art Quilter frame with the JUKI TL98-P sewing machine.

I can't think of a better place to introduce our art frame! The Art Quilter was designed with the textile artist in mind - it's smaller and Oh so portable, so it can go anywhere your inspiration takes you. Add the JUKI TL98-P and you've got the dream team!

Emily and I are very excited! We're even brushing up on our Italian! "Fantastico! Splendido! Bellissimo!

Speaking of Italian, this video clip is a hoot! Perhaps it could be used as a doodling warm up activity...

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jill said...

hey we've seen that couple -- they are all over tv on a Mc Ds commercial. And that new frame is
fantastic -- going to make a lot of people happy with its compact size.
have a wonderful time in Italy.