Friday, 25 March 2011

Mad March

March is a mad month. Four of our 6 children have birthdays. They're all in this photo; left to right, Rosie now 15, Ben and Emily now 19 and Peter now 11. We made lots of cakes. Our best ever ice cream cake for Emily and Ben's 19th. (Ben and Jerry's was on sale.) Emily made a gorgeous carrot cake. And we made a gooey chocolate chip cookie cake with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce on top. Yum!

We all went bowling for a big party.

Perhaps the best cake was this home made play dough cake. We were celebrating the actual birthday of Annie and Teresa's new baby brother. The play dough kept 5 kids happy for 2 hours!

Sometimes I don't post because there is nothing note worthy. And sometimes there is just too much going on. This month it's definitely been a case of too much! We are bringing out two new frames! Very exciting. And we have been invited to Italy to demonstrate them at an Italian Quilt Show in northern Italy this May. Emily and I are busy brushing up on our Italian! We are scripting and filming the new DVD too. I'll be posting about this in the next few days.

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