Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Applied Threadology

Bob Purcell from Superior Threads has featured our La Mer DVD in the Superior Threads April Newsletter! If you are in America and want the La Mer DVD quick, get it from Bob!

Want to see how Superior Needles and Threads play out on a home quilting frame? Watch the La Mer DVD. As a graduate of the School of Threadology, class of February '09, I've applied what I've learned from Heather and Bob’s lectures and workshops to free-motion machine quilting on a frame.

The School of Threadology was a fantastic experience for me! I left Heathrow in the snow and spent a warm and wonderful week in St George, Utah. I learned from a fantastic line up of amazing teachers just how important the right needles and threads are to successful machine quilting. And I was able to put it into practice when I got home. Now there is a new purpose built teaching centre, built over the Superior Threads warehouse and office facilities right up against the red rocks.

La Mer is for any machine quilter using any sewing machine on any frame. The frames and sewing machines may vary but the needles and threads are all Superior!

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