Saturday, 30 April 2011

No Space No Problem!

Many people who really like our machine quilting frame have been put off for lack of space. Although they see the benefits of a machine quilting frame, they just don't have the space for it.

If you've always wanted a frame but never had the space, now you do! Just like the original New English Quilter, the Art Quilter comes ready assembled. Setting up the frame is easy; take the arms out of the box, clamp them to your table, lay down the tracks, pop on the carriages, drop in the fabric poles and you're ready to go. It takes me longer to write about it than to do it. The frame is so easy to put up and take down! And at 4 feet it will fit just about anywhere! Using quilt-as-you-go methods, even a traditional bed-sized quilt can be created using the Art Quilter. Personally, my favourite feature is the quintessentially English deck chair fabric we use to make the leaders. Small was never so beautiful!

The Art Quilter allows people with limited space to enjoy the best features of the original New English Quilter. First, the frame perfectly tensions the layers of the quilt sandwich. There is no need to baste, pin, glue or tack the layers together! Oh happy thought!! The frame holds the layers of the quilt sandwich steady so you are free to focus on the quilting.

Next, the carriage enables you to glide your sewing machine over the top of your quilt. This enables you to treat the needle like a pen. Many people struggle with free-motion quilting sitting at the sewing machine. It is frustrating trying to hold all the layers of the quilt steady. It's even more frustrating to hold the pencil still and move the paper. Quilting on a frame is so much easier because now things are the right way round. The frame holds the quilt sandwich steady and perfectly tensioned. It becomes the paper. The carriage gilding on the tracks enables you to effortlessly move your sewing machine over the top of your quilt. The needle becomes the pen and the thread is your ink. You've been writing and doodling all your life. You're good at it! The frame lets you transfer this talent to your quilting.

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