Friday, 16 September 2011

Cool Customer

I had a phone call from a textile artist a few days ago. She rang because doing free-motion embroidery sitting at the sewing machine was giving her a 'pain in the neck!'... and shoulders and back! She'd gotten to the point where she was desperate to find "a better way to do this!!" So she stumbled across our website and gave us a ring. I'm glad she did!

We designed the Art Quilter just for people like Lalla Ward - textile artists working on smaller projects who want to use a frame like an easel and a sewing machine needle like a paint brush. In describing her work Lalla said "Well actually, I paint with my needle." Lalla creates exquisite thread painted pieces and her new exhibition Migration is opening Monday at the National Theatre in London.

In Migration, Lalla is using textiles and ceramics as she continues to develop a wildlife theme. The dates are from Monday 19 September though to Sunday 30 October. Emily and I are hoping to sneak a peak when we drop Emily off at university this weekend. Quilting Arts magazine interviewed Lalla last year about an earlier exhibition titled 'Stranded'. You can follow the link to find out more about Lalla's work. Don't forget to catch Lalla's exhibition at the National Theatre from now through the end of October.

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Emily Milne said...

This exhibition is beautiful! I saw the preview tonight and I really, really loved it!

What particularly fascinated me was how Lalla managed to integrate the ceramics aspect of the pieces so flawlessly - it really was inspiring. The way that 'Migration' meant not just the theme, but migrating between medias was brilliant. There's also a section on her methodology, how she creates the pieces etc., which was really lovely to be able to read.

If you've got a free couple of hours and are in the area, I'd definitely recommend that you see it!