Monday, 19 September 2011

There and back again

I took Emily to King's on Saturday. Despite living in England for nearly 25 years, I still get excited going to London. I'd rather have taken the tube or a taxi, but Emily had lots of stuff - so we drove through the city and across Blackfriars Bridge to get to her accommodation. She'll have to cross the bridge to get to classes. What a gorgeous view up and down the river!

We made it there just fine. Going back home was more challenging but I got there in the end.

Emily is happily settled in her little tiny room and and looking forward to sleeping under her beautiful quilt!


Trudi said...

Oh Wow! Doesn't the quilt look fabulous, now wonder she looks so happy! Good luck Emily!

Emma said...

Quilt looks lovely, as does Emily. How are you feeling Martha? Has it sunk it yet that she has gone??

Martha said...

Yes, Emma, I miss her tons!But she's having a great time. She sounds happy and excited to be there. Nice flatmates too. She is living and studying in a gorgeous part of London.I'm so glad that she gets this wonderful opportunity. But our life is very different with just 3 kids at home!