Monday, 2 January 2012

9 Ladies Dancing

Reproduction vintage fabric
 I've always loved retro. When I was little, I would go to the attic and rummage through the clothes my mom had worn when she was young.  I used my favourite of those dresses for a country dance when I was 19. Years went by and I moved countries and lost track of those vintage clothes. A few years ago when I found that Spring had come out with a reproduction of the very same fabric for Quilters Only, I just had to buy some. It's been 'resting' in my stash for some time waiting for a special project.

a much younger version of me in a country dance
When I discovered that my son's girlfriend, Jade shared the same love of vintage, the project began to take shape. I'm too fond of the fabric to cut it up, so I've decided to add a beautiful pieced border, back it in red fleece and use it for a throw. I'm taking inspiration from this part of the fabric for the border. I've seen a few quilts around lately at the Houston Quilt festival and on various blogs using  a similar pattern.

a detail of the fabric
I'm going to call it Nine Ladies Dancing and give it to Jade.I'll chronicle my progress on future posts but I needed to blog about it today as today is the 9th Day of Christmas!

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