Friday, 27 January 2012

Bulk Buys

Bulk purchases work out cheaper. 
Machine Quilter is the UK distributor for Superior Threads specializing in the larger cross wound cones. We discount for bulk purchases. Our discounts are available to anyone buying in bulk. So if you teach, run a long arm business or are a keen quilter you can take advantage of our bulk buy discounts.

Buy 10 or more cones and get a 8% discount.

Buy 20 or more cones and get a 12% discount. 
Our prices are VAT inclusive - this makes our discounted prices the best prices in the UK. Here are our standard prices - you can work out the discounts:
King Tut - 2,000 yd cone £18.95  (10% £17.06)  (20% £15.17) a good savings!
Masterpiece - 3,000 yd cone £18.95
Rainbows - 2,000 yd cone £15.95
Kimono Silk - 1,090yd mini cone £15.95
So Fine - 3,280 yd cone £13.95
Bottom Line - 3,000 yd cone £10.95
These are the standard ranges that we stock but we can order in whatever you fancy. 

For bulk purchases ring  or email with the order rather than putting it through the website so we can add in the discounted prices.
Call Martha 01526 378057
or email


Kim said...

Forgive my ignorance, I've only just started quilting! How do the cones 'sit' on your machine? I've just finished my second EVER quilt and used so much thread, the cones look like a much better idea.

Martha said...

Hi Kim, some of the newer machines have an extend-able thread guide. If your machine doesn't have that feature, we sell a thread stand that you can place next to your sewing machine. The thread stand has a place for the thread cone and a long wire hook. The thread unwinds from the top of the cone as the thread goes through the eye of the hook, then you thread your machine as you usually would. I'll do a post with some photos : )