Friday, 23 March 2012

Lines of Colour

When I first saw this image on pinterest, I thought that it was a photo of my IKEA rug. Comparing the two photos, you can see why!

The first photo is actually tulip fields in Holland and I'm guessing that they look like this right about now. My kids think that IKEA must have copied the photo to design the rug. However it happened it is an example of Art inspired by Nature.

Source: via Martha on Pinterest

In machine quilting we
take the line and bend it.

...sometimes in flowing curves like the wire chairs above and
sometimes in angles and points. Melody Johnson
uses both in this detail of her quilt Radiant Orb.

Source: via Martha on Pinterest

I can't resit showing one more of Melody's amazing quilts.
This one is called The Triumph of the Tulips.

Such glorious colours! I am going to give nature the last word with this final image. I'm getting inspired for some machine quilted feathering with variegated thread!

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