Sunday, 29 April 2012

Like Christmas

Whenever a Superior Threads order comes in it feels like Christmas! There's the big box to open and all the lovely threads to unpack and admire. Then there's the thread orders to post on. It makes me glad to think that the recipients will be just as delighted to open the box as I was to pack it.

Last week I sent out several large orders to girls who are taking advantage of the bulk buy discounts. Emailing back and forth about the arrangements gives me a chance to catch up with my customers. Karen was stocking up on lots of threads from the So Fine! and King Tut ranges. Karen bought a JUKI TL 98P  to go on one of the first NEQ2 frames in January 2011 She's been machine quilting on a frame for over a year now and is doing some lovely work. Karen likes using pantographs and her feedback helped us to design a better stylus. A few weeks ago Karen bought a new JUKI HZL Exceed for piecing. She's thrilled to bits with it!

the NEW Juki HZL Exceed - a dream to piece and appliqué with 

Karen's been reading lots of blog posts about machine quilting off the frame, sitting down at the sewing machine. So she decided to give it a try. Karen made me laugh when I asked her how it went. With her permission I've quoted her:
"I tried sit-down-free-motion quilting for the first time this week. It was awful! It made me really appreciate my frame. All my lines were jerky! Now I know why I bought my frame. It's so much easier to free motion quilt using the frame! My stitching on the frame is much more flowing and such a better quality. I'll be sticking to machine quilting on the frame for now on!" 
It's nice to have happy customers!

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