Thursday, 19 April 2012

New Threads!

So Fine! goes variegated! So Fine from Superior Threads is a fine lint free poly that's etched to look like cotton. Long-armers love it. We give a big cone of So Fine free to every person that we sell a New English Quilter frame to. Over the years we've found that So Fine is the most trouble-free thread, ever. So Fine gets all the new machine quilters off to a great start. The only thing that I didn't like about So Fine was, well... it was just a little bit boring. Given the choice I'd rather use a thread with a bit more pizazz. I love using variegated threads, especially the one inch colour change variegated threads. So I was very very excited to see the NEW #40 Variegated So Fine! range. So Fine is boring no more!

Our ginger tom cat, Jasper decided to come into the picture during my last photo shoot. So Fine! #40 comes in 30 new variegated and tone on tone colours. Out of all the colours

Jasper grabbed #701 Didgeridoo. He thinks it matches his paw perfectly! So do we.

Get your paws on a cone of So Fine!#40 It's just purrfect for machine quilting! The 30 colours in the new So Fine!#40 range are on sale now in large 1,650 yard cones. Created with the Long Arm Quilter in mind So Fine! #40 is great for all machine quilters everywhere.
 America for $21.95
 UK and Europe £15.95 for a large 1,650 yd cone. Too new for the UK website. Use the American site as a shop window and email or ring Martha with your order.
01526 378057

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