Thursday, 24 May 2012

First Time

Here's Veta's Bunting quilt on the frame. It was her very first time machine quilting so we used a pattern that is easy to move around the quilt with. Veta used this mussel shell and scallop design as an over all pattern. 

First she doodled the design on paper. Once she was comfortable doodling the design, we moved to the frame. We chose a pale blue from the Masterpiece range of Superior Threads. 

Against the stripy background fabric, the pale blue thread 'read' white and just blended in creating a subtle texture.

Once all the background was quilted, we went back and quilted lots of different designs in the bunting flags. This gave Veta the chance to try out different designs and threads. It was almost like a machine quilting sampler.

Not bad for a first try!

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