Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Veta's Bunting Quilt

Source: etsy.com via Martha on Pinterest

  Emily and I gave a machine quilting seminar using  JUKI sewing machines on our Art Quilter frames. There was so much interest and enthusiasm for quilting in Moscow.  I wanted to bring out a Russian version of our Line Dancing  DVDs so that Russian quilters would have some help getting started with their new machine quilting frames.Linda knew just the right person to help with the project. Veta! Veta lives in our village with her English husband and two small children. Fluent in English and Russian with a background in textiles Veta is just perfect! We decided to make a quilt together. Veta likes bunting so we designed a bunting quilt. We wanted to keep the piecing simple so we used a raw edged appliqué technique to make a bunting quilt for Veta's little son.

All I needed was a translator.  Who would have guessed that I'd find a Russian translator just around the corner. We live in Martin a little village in Lincolnshire on the edge of the fens. A few weeks ago I was talking to Linda (who supplies me with gorgeous plants for my garden)about our Moscow trip.

We used my deck chair stripe bunting to get an idea of the layout and to get a template.

Veta used the rotary cutter to cut out the flags. The colour theme is red, white and blue.  Interesting that Russia, England and America all have red, white and blue flags.

We used this Appli-Glue to get the flags in place.

We wanted the bunting to look like it was hanging so we used some piping chord to get a natural curve.

Once all the bunting flags were in place we stitched round the edges. Then it was all ready to put on the frame,

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