Tuesday, 5 June 2012

The Jubilee Flotilla

Source: itv.com via Martha on Pinterest

The Queen's Jubilee celebrations were brilliant last weekend. We went to a village barn dance and came home to watch some online clips of the Flotilla. Just marvellous!  1000 boats of all sorts cruising down the Thames in the pouring rain to the cheers and riotous good will of the very wet onlookers along the banks. It seemed to capture so much of what I love about the British, putting on a grand show and making the best of all weather.

Source: google.co.uk via Martha on Pinterest

The variety of boats were amazing. My favourites were the historical boats, especially the little ships of Dunkirk. Here they are going under Blackfriar's Bridge, a bridge that Emily crosses to get to her lectures at King's College.The artist's rendition below forgot to include the downpour.
Source: bbc.co.uk via Martha on Pinterest

Emma Bridgewater, a rather fitting name wouldn't you say,  captured the day in her lovely mug. I love the little bunting scallop running round the inside of the top.   I was inspired to create a textile tribute to the Dunkirk Little Boats. Watch this space...

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