Tuesday, 12 June 2012

like an easel

 Art quilts are so liberating! There is no precise template so I can do whatever I like. For this 'little ship' project I used my Art Quilter frame just like an easel.  I loaded the 4 foot frame with some left over fleece which serves as the wadding and backing and two shades of blue fabric joined horizontally to create sea and sky. This was my 'canvas'.

 First, I created some texture using this # 807 Seashell from the  Rainbows Range of Superior Threads. We call this one of the magic threads as it has so many uses.

Here it serves perfectly as both waves and clouds.

Then I glued the pieces of the little ship directly onto the textured canvas...

The raw edge appliqué technique makes this a simple 'cut and paste job.

 This Appliglue is ideal, it dries soft and clear and can be sewn over.

With the ship in place, I changed the thread to a red So Fine and stitched the details,

 ...adding window panes and bunting flags. I'll probably add some buttons later but I was pleased with how quick and fun this Dunkirk 'little ship' project came together.

Here it is unpinned from the leaders and laid across the frame. As soon as the frame tension was off the clouds puffed up nicely. My little ship was completed in much less time than it took to blog about!


Emily Milne said...

Hey mom,

I love the new wave pattern in the top picture! It's so even - it looks like you're using a pantograph!

Martha said...

No panto - just lots of doodle practice