Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Bits and Pieces re-visited

This is for our customers unpacking their New English Quilter frame and wondering about those metal bits. Every one of our frames comes with these three metal bits.You can see them in the photo above.

 This elbow shaped metal piece is a stylus for following pantographs. It fits into a hole in the top carriage. By following a pantograph pattern on the table, the frame will copy the design on the quilt top.The carriage movement needs to be smooth. Treat the pantograph pattern just like a FMQ line design. By tracing the pattern over and over again with the stylus on the carriage, your brain and muscles will remember the pattern and be able to create a smooth and flowing line with a pantograph.

 The other two bits of metal also fit onto the top carriage. These remaining 2 bits make a thread stand so that older sewing machines, without extend-able thread guides, can still use the larger cross-wound thread cones. Once the thread goes through the eye of the thread guide, you simply thread your sewing machine as normal.

nice image of the bits but spot the mistake
these Nifty Grips should be all the way to the left not in the middle!

Many of the newer sewing machines, like my JUKI TL98P come with extend-able thread guides already built in. But these bits and pieces are included with our frames to make sure that any sewing machine can take advantage of the more economical cross-wound cones. 

The NEQ frame integral thread stand

So now you know what those bits and pieces are for. 

This year we decided to give the people with extendible thread guides already on their sewing  machines, like the Juki TL98P a little present. We've included a thread stand base so that you can use those bits OFF the frame. The thread stand enables you to use your larger cross-wound cones for other sewing projects using any machine.

using the thread stand off the frame
Simply place the cone on the thread stand, pass the thread through the metal loop and thread your sewing machine as normal.

using the thread stand with the  Juki Exceed 600
 with any sewing machine

using the thread stand with the Juki HZL Exceed 600
no matter how old. 

The thread stand comes as a gift 
with all the NEQ frame sales from August 14 onwards.


Celia Ambrose said...

What a lovely way to show you care about your customers! I so wish you were in the USA. I am moving to Austin, TX and would love to have this quilting system once I get settled in my new place. (

Martha said...

Thank you Celia. Good luck with your move!We were at the Houston Quilt Show in 2011 and went to Austin for a Thread Talk with Bob Purcell on the change around day between Quilt Market and Quilt Festival. We thought Texas looked like quite the quilters paradise! There are a couple of our frames already in Texas. So you will have some company. Let us know when you're ready : )