Monday, 4 July 2016

Best of Both

Here at Machine Quilter we celebrate how American innovation meets British ingenuity!

Our Machine Quilter frames are an American idea that has been brilliantly adapted to fit into English homes. Right from the start we've been keen to make American machine quilting products more readily accessible to the English quilter. That's why we became the original UK Distributor for Superior Threads. We wanted English and European quilters to be able to get the latest threads while they were still new and exciting.We began in 2003 and we've been connecting British and American quilters ever since.

The 6 foot Machine Quilter frame with Kimono Silk threads from Superior Threads
Fantastico #5027 Cha Cha from Superior Threads
Bright Blue Bottom Line from Superior Threads
Fantastico my favourite variegated machine quilting thread
funny how red white and blue works on both sides of 'the Pond'
On this day in 1989 I left Amercia with my brand new British husband. Now 6 kids and 26 years later we still celebrate the Best of Both. Happy 4th of July from machinequilter!

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