Thursday, 19 July 2012

Endings and Beginnings

Last Tuesday my husband and I went to Warwick for our daughter Kate's graduation.

It seemed like only yesterday I was dropping her off at the dorm. And now here she is walking across the stage.

It was fun to see Kate with her friends and their parents all celebrating the successful completion of their degrees, marking the end of one adventure and the beginning of the next. Kate's going  to Paris to work as an au pair. I think it will be an amazing year!  She'll be staying in a little top floor garret apartment. It sounds just perfect. And yes, we are planning a quilt.


Anonymous said...

Congrats to Katie! That is so cool that she is going to be working in Paris. I am going to be studying in Rome with my college from January to March!
Mary Drennen

Martha said...

Oh Mary, you'll just love Rome. We were only there for a long weekend. How wonderful to have three whole months! Kate's in London now working for the Olympics. Lots of love to you and all the family!

Anonymous said...

I know that I am going to flip when I am in Rome!! I am so excited. That is so cool that Kate is in Rome working for the olympics! We just were watching it last night at our friends house. USA did such a good job this year. It was really inspiring and amazing. Best to all of you.