Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July to all my American family and friends! Today I took Rosie to Heathrow Airport to catch a plane to Baltimore. I just received this photo showing her smiling, safe and sound between her Uncle Dan and Cousin Callie. Rosie's just finished her GCSEs and is spending the long summer break with my twin sister Peggy and family in Baltimore.

My husband and I left America to come to England 23 years ago on July 4th, so it seems somehow  fitting for Rosie to return on the very same day. I'm so happy when our children get to visit my home. It is such a joy to experience America through their eyes. My sister Peggy made the lovely welcome poster. I'm so happy that Rosie gets to know and love my American family this summer. She's certainly going to enjoy the sunshine!

Celebrate in style with this really cute American flag bunting tutorial. 
by Emily from the saltwaterkids blog


Cricket said...

I think she will have a grand time visiting family here in the USA. She will definitely get to experience a hot and humid summer here! The temperatures have been hitting triple digits here!

jill said...

Lots of fun in Baltimore!! hope she doesn't melt we've been breaking heat records for weeks -- better then last years cool and rainy summer. Is the US vocal driving her nuts yet??

Martha said...

Well, this has been the coldest wettest summer since they started keeping records, I guess a good blast of hot weather will be just the ticket!