Tuesday, 14 August 2012


This post is a little aside from our count down. Yesterday, our daughter Ellie turned 14. It was also the day the Pixar/Disney film, Brave opened in in the UK Cinemas near us. 

So we decided to celebrate both events with a trip to the Kinema in the Woods.The Kinema is the last remaining back projection Movie theatre. We've used it as a set for one of the scenes in our Beyond the Sea DVD.So when I mentioned to the owner that Ellie looked just like the main character he invited her to the opening day showing.

 Ellie already had the hair and Pauline Loven from Crow's Eye Productions provided the costume. Now this is the really neat part, Pauline just re-dyed one of the costumes from the Luttrell Psalter DVD. Pauline's costumes are historically accurate. They're copied from the illustrated borders of this amazing manuscript which gives us a window into the life of medieval England.

When we realized that the Brave film had the same costume as those we used in the Lutrell Psalter film, we were impressed. It meant that Pixar/Disney had done their homework. It was nice to know that the animators had taken the trouble to be historically accurate too.

Wealthy and Royal people could afford to have servants to dress them, so their dresses laced up the back. Ellie is having to make do with me here.

Ordinary people had to dress themselves so their dresses laced up the front. You can see both types modelled by Kate and Emily in the photo above taken during the Luttrell Psalter film shoot.

We had a great day.
and we all thought

that Ellie did look truly amazing!


Gertie Pye said...

Wow she really does look like the Princess from Brave!!! Beautiful hair (lucky girl), and beautiful costume xxx

Anonymous said...

Emily and Ellie, you both look so pretty in those dresses! My sisters have a couple of medieval dresses and they are absolutely gorgeous! I still have to see that movie. Have a great day.