Monday, 6 August 2012

Kate's Ohio Star

All quilted!
Kate sent a photo of her finished quilt. It's lovely! What the photo doesn't show is just how quickly she finished this project. Kate was heading off to Sweden last week to visit her brother's family in their new home. She wanted the quilt as a house warming present. But the flight was for Saturday.

setting up Kate's 8 foot NEQ2
 On Wednesday she had the frame all set up, but realized that she needed a spring loaded hopping foot for her sewing machine. Unfortunately, the local sewing machine shop shuts on Wednesday afternoons. So we had to wait till Thursday. The last time I saw Kate it was Thursday evening. She'd just finished a little practice piece. She'd added some side strips to the quilt top and was loading it on the frame. 

Kate's un-quilted Ohio Star top
Kate said;"Quilting took no time at all - had it finished that evening! Very excited to get more finished now. Got a few planned..."
 Kate used a scalloped mussel shell pattern, the same line design she used last September, when she's been finishing some quilts to take to University.

The great thing about getting a line design in your head is that it all comes back when you need it again.The scalloped mussel shell pattern is a quick and forgiving pattern, easy to maneuver every-which-way around your quilt top. The light travels beautifully across the quilted surface and mistakes just seem to disappear! Kate used a King Tut thread #920 Sands of Time and a 100/16 Topstitch needle. She quilted a present she can really be proud of in just a couple of hours.Not bad after a gap of 10 months. Well done Kate! What a difference the quilting makes!

scalloped mussel shell quilting detail


Trudi said...

Wow, didn't Kate make a great quilt!

Martha said...

I love it when they get a frame and run with it! Kate's going to do great things - she reminds me of you Trudi!