Thursday, 8 November 2012

Doing Demo's

I love doing demo's! Lots of our customers who purchase our New English Quilter and Art Quilter frames are opting to come and collect them instead of arranging for shipping. We're offering free tutorials - so new owners can get off to a good start. I really enjoy the tutorials. They provide an opportunity to get better acquainted with our customers. There's plenty of time to go over any questions. We take the frame apart and set it up again. We discuss loading options so that new owners are clear about how to load a quilt on the frame. We go though sewing machines and tensioning and basic trouble shooting. We look at lots of quilts and and try various threads. Finally, we spend a bit of time with pen and paper showing how to create bold and flowing line designs. We pack a lot of information into a few hours! People leave happy and confident with lots of ideas. They come as customers but leave as friends.

Lynda's mussel shell background. 
 I'm so glad to get photos of projects. Lynda has created some lovely texture to go behind the embroidery on these pillows. In the beginning lots of little projects are the best.

Stephanie used fleece to back this little crib quilt
 Loops are one of the best line designs to start out with. They help you to gain fluency as you circle every which way around your quilt top. Stephanie has been doing lots of little projects. It's the perfect way to make good progress. I'm always thrilled to get photos! A big thank you to Lynda and Stephanie!
Stephanie used loops as an all over pattern

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