Friday, 23 November 2012

Guess what?

Coming Soon!

A new Line Dancing Machine Quilter Membership Site

We've been busy working on a surprise the past few months.

We live in a little English village, in the back-of-beyond in Lincolnshire. Yet we ship our New English Quilter frames all over the world.

Over the years we've created lots of material to help people using machine quilting frames to become more fluent at free motion quilting. We offer local demonstrations, workshops and retreats. We've also created dvd’s that teach a no mark method for learning line designs, a technique based on ball room dancing. It’s aimed to give machine quilters the necessary confidence to create bold and flowing lines of stitching.  It also teaches the trouble shooting techniques needed to get quilters, frames and sewing machines all working together smoothly.  Despite their popularity here in England, and America, Australia and beyond, we think it isn’t enough.

We need a place where everyone can come together for support and inspiration, where machine quilters can interact with each other, share knowledge and ask questions.  We've discovered from our retreats that learning together is so much more fun than learning alone. So we decided to create an on line community site. A place where classes, workshops and bite sized chunks of our video material can be instantly available to people everywhere. It offers the big added benefit of getting to ask questions and get answers directly from our instructors as well as tips and suggestions from other members.

Someone once said that quilting is like taking a line for a walk. Put your sewing machine on the carriage of a machine quilting frame and suddenly your line starts dancing. Our goal is to create an on line community, a Line Dancing Machine Quilter Membership Site where people who use machine quilting frames can get on-going inspiration and support, from us and each other.

We’re launching our Line Dancing Membership Site this December. Our introductory Christmas episodes will feature 5 festive Christmas line designs and a few quick and simple last minute projects. We’re offering the Introductory mini-series at a big discount to customers who have already purchased our DVD or attended our retreats. We hope you’ll enjoy the mini sessions and that you’ll give us suggestions and feedback to help us iron out the wrinkles as we learn how to manage the new site. We look forward to starting our new adventure with your help.  More details to follow. Meanwhile, please let us know what you think.

screen grab from the 5 festive line designs film shoot


Anonymous said...

Love it!! I must admit I was totally mystified by the title but the definition is so spot on!! Great idea!! Hugs, Doreen

Martha said...

Thanks Doreen! With a 'treadle music' call-name, you are certainly the perfect person to get the 'line dancing' connection : ) We'll dance to your music.